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... lets take a look inside our recipe box
These are a few of our favorite recipes.  Let us know if you like thatm and if you have any that we should add.







Acorn Squash with Pecans - We bought the farm.  With it came pecan trees.  Last year we fertilized the trees and in the fall had a fantastic harvest.  WOW, what a difference fresh pecans make when cracked open and used in an acorn squash.  This is still one of our fall harvest favorites, now with new meaning.

Black Beans and Rice- Here is a black beans recipe that works great with Cuban Tilapia. 

Broccoli Casserole -
Broccoli casserole works as a side dish with many main dishes.  This one also works well as a warmed up left over.

Broccoli in Lemon Butter -
A healthy vitamin rich Broccoli dish works as a side dish with many main dishes. 

Brussels Sprouts Hash

Brussels Sprouts with Vinegar Glazed Red Onions -
The sweetness of the onions is a nice contrast to the strong taste of the Brussels sprouts.

Cajun Roasted Potatoes -
Another way to cook potatoes.  This recipe is baked in the oven and works well with roasted chicken.

Corn Bread Pudding -
An easy to make corn bread dish that we had with the Chinese Pork Tenderloin.

Corn Timbales

Creamed Spinach -
This is a good spinach recipe that goes great as a side dish with with chicken, beef or pork.  This recipe is similar to the popular Boston Market Creamed Spinach recipe.

Creamy Scalloped Potatoes -
Here is one of our favorite potato recipes.  This one started with a recipe from my college days from Betty Crocker.  It is great with ham and chicken dishes.

Creole Okra and Tomatoes
Summer time in the south and the garden produces tons of fresh okra. This Cajun version of okra is tasty.

Dick Taters -
Our friend Sheila has a dear friend that she sees on the weekends that she affectionately calls "Mr. Friday night" , his name is Richard. Sheila told us about his culinary prowess and his specialty of the following most exceptional baked potatoes. James and I made these and enjoyed them very much.

We discussed what to call them for the What What What website. We thought about naming the recipe "Mr. Friday night potatoes" or "Potatoes ala Dick". James finally came up with the name "Dick Taters". The name stuck!  Sheila and Dick agreed.

Dirty Rice -
A Flavorful rice recipe.

Green Beam Almondine -
This recipe goes great with Plum Pork and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Harvest Rice -
I love rice dishes.  This recipe is full of different harvest flavors that go great with poultry.  We had this with the Christmas Goose one year.

Okra, Tomatoes and Bacon -
This Okra, tomatoes and bacon recipe can be a meal by itself.  Mark and Kathy gave us this recipe after we shared our garden bounty with them.

Fried Okra - Fried Okra is a great summertime side-dish when the okra comes fresh from the garden.  Most like the taste and easy preparation of fried okra versus texture of boiled okra.

Onion Rings - Beer Battered - I love onion rings, especially the ones that are coated with a batter.  This one features a can of Bud in the batter.  They fry up and look great and taste wonderful.  They also go with a cold beer or two.

Orange-Glazed Sweet Potatoes -
Laundry starch, shoe polish, and a coffee substitute are just some of the more than 118 products that were made from sweet potatoes by George Washington Carver.  He ate them too!

Mexican Rice Excelente -
Mexican rice knows how well it goes with other dishes. This is the perfect side dish for practically anything.

Mixed Green Salad with Kiwi Fruit -
This is a fall favorite that we serve at our annual Lasagna dinner. The fruit and light vinegar based dressing tastes great with a heavy pasta dinner.

Spinach Artichoke Gratin - As a kid you could chase me around the house trying to get me to eat spinach let alone try to get me to eat something that sounds like it will make you choke.  I am glad I am a grown up now and appreciate the blend of flavors and spices.  Kids STAY AWAY!  This will leave more for the adults.

Spinach Phyllo Cheese Pie -
Spanakopita is also known as "Greek spinach pie". The primary ingredients are spinach, feta cheese and phyllo pastry. This recipe is definitely Greek. The light flaky phyllo pastry make it seem exotic and the spinach and cheese make this a wonderful side dish.

Spinach Soufflé -
Moist and light as a feather, this soufflé takes the concept of vegetables to a new level. Even professed spinach-haters like this dish! Many cooks are hesitant to try their hand at making soufflés, but there is nothing mysterious or difficult about the process. If you know how to beat and fold egg whites into a base, your soufflé will be a success. Perhaps the most difficult part of making a soufflé is knowing when it should be taken out of the oven. Use your nose as a guide and remember that a soufflé is meant to be very moist, not dry. Even if your soufflé falls before it gets to the table, it will still taste delicious!

Smashed Sweet Potatoes -
This recipe goes great with Plum Pork and Green Bean Almondine

Tomato Salad -
I love summertime when the garden is approaching it's peak for the payoff of all the spring efforts.  This cool salad is made from fresh garden veggies.  For me, the Basil really makes it work.  I love summertime.

Tomato Fresh Frozen - The 36 tomato plants we planted in the spring are in full heat-of-the-summer gear producing an abundance of fruit. We found the following recipe to freeze fresh tomatoes. We find that the Roma tomatoes work best due to their fleshy tomato content. We removed the skin on the tomatoes, chopped them up a bit, bagged them and placed them to the deep freezer.

Broiled Parmesan Tomatoes - Here is summer side-dish when the tomatoes are coming in fast and furious.  I love the way the melted cheese compliments the tomatoes.  As an option to Parmesan cheese you can also use Feta or Bleu Cheese.


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