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... lets take a look inside our recipe box
These are a few of our favorite recipes.  Let us know if you like thatm and if you have any that we should add.




Sauces & Seasoning



Barbecue Sauce - BBQ sauce is like religion, the one you favor is always the right one and all others are just wrong.  This recipe is one from a smoker recipe book and works well with pork and chicken.

Basil Pesto - Pesto is an Italian classic. It's simply a paste made from fresh sweet basil leaves and other tasty ingredients.

Blackening Seasoning - This is the recipe for the stuff that is in the can. Cajun blackened seasoning is a spicy southern tradition. There are several commercial products available BUT you most likely have all the ingredients in your spice collection to make up your own.

Marinara Sauce - Marinara sauce is used on many Italian dishes. A good marinara sauce is great over pasta and is also a good starting point for many other Italian recipes.

Plum Sauce -
This recipe goes great with Pork Tenderloin, Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Fresh Green Bean Almondine

Pizza Sauce - This is a good basic recipe for pizza sauce.

Taco Seasoning - This recipe is the same stuff that is in the envelopes of taco seasoning that you buy at the store. We make extra taco meat ahead of time and freeze it for a quick Mexican meal. The taco meat also works well over a salad.

Tzatziki -
Cucumber and yogurt dip. This dip is extremely popular throughout Greece and is almost always included in the assorted appetizers served in restaurants and tavernas.


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